Friday, May 10, 2013

5 May 2013 - Who Are The Real Losers?

By voting for half past six candidates from Pakatan Rakyat and also for the existing Barisan Nasional, the people of Sabah have lost the opportunity to change the State Government.

Figuratively speaking, the people of Sabah have crashed into a ravine to avoid hitting a cat!

The people of Sabah were vanquished in the fight for political autonomy when they themselves rejected the one and only Sabah-based opposition party that is SAPP (Sabah Progressive Party).

Pakatan Rakyat has successfully split the opposition votes and now they can be the undisputed opposition with Barisan Nasional continuing to be the Sabah State Government exactly like what is happening in Sarawak presently.

Why did they still came and contested in Sabah despite knowing that they cannot win here and form the State Government?

SAPP was completely incinerated and more than 90% of their candidates lost their deposits; of what use now is the 12 opposition state seats when Barisan Nasional is still in firm control of the State Government?

The painful truth in this election is that the voters of Sabah by not voting for SAPP as the next Sabah State Government, have effectively widened and seemingly deepened their own marginalization as the poorest of the poor in Malaysia while grasping on a thin tube of miserable benefits amidst racial discrimination, corruption and immigrants reverse taking over Sabah!

If future history were to ever epitomize Yong Teck Lee as the man who never got the chance to change the fortunes of Sabah, it is definitely some sort of a Déjà Vu now when it was written in Luke 4:24 of the Christian Bible that “No prophet is accepted in his own country”.

The voters of Sabah have allowed themselves to be cheated when Anwar Ibrahim’s Pakatan Rakyat did not save the people of Sabah but actually destroyed us in the end and eventually sent all of us to the dungeons of slavery!

Pakatan Rakyat took the people of Sabah for a ride by swindling and manipulating our gullible voters into believing a blatant lie that they could change the government!

However, if SAPP were to be voted in as the State Government, it would definitely resist by all legal and legitimate means the Barisan Nasional Federal Government; but now, the BN State Government will work hand in hand with the BN Federal Government to further fleece and push us over the edge!

From now onwards, the people of Sabah can take their grouses and grievances against the two Barisan Nasional Governments to their newly-elected half-past-six assembly representatives from Pakatan Rakyat particularly the DAP and see for themselves what they are really capable of doing!

The next five years will be the toughest for each and every Sabahan because of living costs going up, swelling prices of essentials, all sorts of taxes and levies including GST (Government Sales Tax) will be slapped onto us to recover all the monies spent by the Barisan Nasional before and in the just concluded election – Good Luck to the people of Sabah!

It is now imperative that a dignified SAPP should leave the people of Sabah alone to enjoy what they have deservedly voted for; to quote from Matthew 10:14, Jesus Christ once said this to his disciples: If any household or town refuses to welcome you or listen to your message, shake its dust from your feet as you leave.

For those who are familiar with the intricate history and politics of Israel, Sabah is becoming exactly like Jerusalem!

To the people of Sabah who will suffer in the coming five years, SAPP is now fully qualified to use the same words of a famous Field Marshal who was deserted by his own people in a war against a tyrannical King: “We will not kill you ourselves, we just don’t have to save you anymore”…!

SAPP should respect the rights and wishes of the voters of Sabah who have put themselves into this unfortunate predicament; likewise, the people of Sabah should also respect that of every politician inside SAPP to forsake and not to remember them!

By Vidal Yudin Weil

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